Thursday, June 30, 2011




Today I got to accompany Stuart and his work buds on a trip to the National Wildlife Property Repository here in Denver.  This warehouse keeps over one million awesome items that were either relinquished or ditched by their owners. Cameras weren't allowed in the main storehouse, but the lobby alone had plenty of cool specimens to observe and photograph. For example, that sweet bead covered buck! A giraffe skull! Or how about that last image of an Alexander McQueen Dress worth over $19,000? Guess if you don't properly document your import of caiman, mink, fox fur and some unidentified bird feathers it goes to live in the repository.

It's been an unusual week here, what with feeling yucky for a few days then a couple of day trips. And although I haven't had much studio time, the ideas are still a brewin'. I'm looking forward to a little down time this weekend when (it seems like) all my friends and family are out on adventures! I've got an adventure or two of my own up my sleeve, but mostly want to get all my sewing and painting ideas out of my head! Wish me luck.

Photos via Me (ok, Stu took two of 'em - thanks Stuart!)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I spent the day at my Mom's house hanging out with little Lia Marlowe who is as sweet and happy as ever.  It was 100 degrees here today and after a ride in my hot car, I had a sweaty little baby on my hands. I took it as a sign that she wanted to be nakey! Love me a naked baby -- all those rolls! Baby clothes are pretty cute too, though.... and now that the sewing machine has arrived I'm excited to whip up a few summer jumpers for her.

I'm thinking something in this fabric.

And maybe something with this adorable shape.

Does Auntie Aly need a matching romper?

Probably not.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I've been feeling a little under the weather so I decided to take it easy today and get a little pen pal business done. I found this book of postcards by Junzo Terada at Two Hands Paperie in Boulder, CO a while ago and have been spreading the cuteness to friends and family all over the country today. How adorable are these illustrations? I really am a sucker for anything Japanese... Enjoy, pen pals, and write back soon!


Photos via Me

Monday, June 27, 2011


It's Monday and I'm all jazzed up about sewing after my skirt making class this weekend! I have a new Janome sewing machine arriving today, but my window for delivery is from 10am - 5pm. What kind of ALL DAY LONG window is that? I guess that leaves me to wait and write a post about how I wish I were sewing....

Yesterday at Fancy Tiger, we made a "Flirty Skirt". It's really adorable and easy to make. I suggest you give it a shot! The pattern is by the very talented and generous Anna Maria Horner and is available for free through her site. Just click the big "Made" button on the right and it will take you to her free patterns. Now that I've made this skirt following the directions closely, I'm ready to deviate a bit. Don't you think the flirty skirt could easily be made reversible? Lord knows I love a good twofer. Also, we were discussing in class how cute this would be with a paper bag waist. It will be an easy adjustment and I think that'll be the first thing I do once my machine comes to mama.

The A-line skirt I made is so super comfortable and can be made in a number of different lengths and fits. I prefer this style long. Had I brought enough fabric with me I would have gone for a high-waisted maxi like this one. Next time!

"Flirty Skirt"

Lining of "Flirty Skirt"

"A-line Skirt"

Friday, June 24, 2011


Meet my nephew Dusty! Ain't he cute? I used to be anti-poodle, but was converted by this little trooper. Last year he underwent surgery to spare him the pain and difficulty of having two very blind and very sick eyes. I know it's a little strange, but you wouldn't believe how much more happy and full of life he is post-surgery!

I'm happy to play Auntie Aly all weekend to this little guy and will be babysitting him much of this summer while my bro gets to do fun stuff like go to Greece and Turkey. Oh well, I got a Dust Bunny!

Happy weekend.

Photos via Me

Thursday, June 23, 2011


LOVE: living in a neighborhood where I can just be out on a bike ride and run into my friends.

DON'T LOVE: when you run into friends who are drinking whiskey and somehow you're convinced it's a good idea to start sluggin' the stuff too.

I had a lot of fun, but it left me feeling woozy all day today. I managed to get together some neighborhood inspired doodles for the day, though. Can I go back to sleep now?

Work via Me

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Papercutting! I have always had a thing for paper so you'd think I wouldn't want to shred it to bits... but the practice of working 'negatively', like you often do in printmaking, is something my brain likes to deal with. I think it's high time I try this medium myself and so to get inspired I thought I'd share a few papercuts from some of my favorite artists. Enjoy!

My first papercut love Nikki McClure

Love this straightforward approach by Sandra Juto -- she makes it look like so much fun

One of Mia Pearlman's elaborate installations

New obsession, Elsa Mora -- this is a RING, people! A papercut ring. Ugh!

Such wonderful layers from Elsa Mora

Think I need this book to accompany me on this papercutting adventure. Elsa Mora designed the cover!

I've got quite a bit of not-so-fun-stuff to get done today, so what'd you expect me to do but procrastinate with a little papercutting endeavor? And what do you know... I sliced my finger on the first go.

Thought the blog could use a little blood and guts

Okay, so it's a pretty small scrape, but I'll take this as a sign that I'd better get back to work. Or maybe it just means my sad finger needs a paper ring.

Have a good day!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


It's officially summer! Uhhh, day one? I've been operating under official summer rules for over a month now, so if anyone needs help getting in the mood let me know. I'll tell you one thing, many a sweet icy treat should be consumed. Enjoy the paintings and have a great summer solstice day, guys!

Work via Me

Monday, June 20, 2011


If you love printing but don't have access to a press, or you just want to give at-home printmaking a shot, this one's for you.  This technique for hand printing is one of my favorites: relief printing! You'll see how I made the above card as well as a couple of the PrideFest and Dad Day cards. Relief printing with a rubbery carving block is a quick and easy way to create a stamp that you'll be able to use in all sorts of projects. You should have no trouble finding all of the supplies you'll need at your local art supply store and some supplies you'll already have!

  • An old ceramic or glass plate. It should be flat, so any flat glass surface will do.
  • Water-soluble block printing ink
  • Linoleum (lino) cutting tools
  • A brayer (roller)
  • A palette knife. I think a putty knife works best... Check your tool box!
  • Paper or other printable surfaces
  • Carving block. I recommend pink Speedy-Carve by Speedball. This type is more resistant to crumbling than some others I've used

  • A hand baren
  • I often use a small paint brush to 'touch-up' some prints
  • A paper designed to absorb printmaking inks. Try Arches 88 or unbleached mulberry (kozo) fiber paper


    1. Gather up your goods.
    2. Draw an image on your block in pencil. You can also transfer pencil drawings, newsprint and freshly printed ink-jet and laser-printed images with a warm iron.
    3. Choose your weapon! These cutting tools come with a variety of cutters that can be stashed in the handle - love that!
    4. Carve away the big stuff first. Be careful to move the blade away from you so as not to gouge yourself! Been there.
    5. See this nib? He's my big No. 5 large U-gouge.
    6. Carve away the more intricate areas using a smaller nib.


    7. Set out a bit of ink -- a little goes a long way. This amount here made about a dozen prints.
    8. Mix your ink. Even if you are only doing one color, it is important to give your ink a little mix - the friction makes the inks easier to work with. Use your putty knife to spread your ink into a thin line at the top of your glass surface. The line should be a bit longer than the width of your brayer.
    9. Ink up your roller. Nice and even, now.
    10. Roll the ink on your block. A thin, even coat will do.
    11. Printing time! If you're using your hand, press that bad boy down with even pressure. This is where good paper comes in handy... Some papers will cause your block to slide around a bit causing a double-vision effect.
    12. The hand baren in action. Some alternatives to using a hand baren are: the bottom of a Ball jar or a wooden spoon. For this particular small sized print, your hand will do fine.

    Alright, you did it! Once you're done printing, these inks can be cleaned up easily with water. Let your prints dry and then go wild -- collage, paint, draw or just leave your prints beautifully simple. Remember this is handmade... imperfections are what make them yours so be nice to yourself and your artwork! Enjoy and share!

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      Thursday, June 16, 2011

      DAD DAY.

      Father's Day is just around the corner! My dad will receive the sunshiney card above plus a couple little goodies to keep him hiking in Arizona. Sedona and Flagstaff are such gorgeous places. One day I'd like to join him on some of the hikes in this crazy book I found at the thrift store - score!

      I also made a little card for my brother who is celebrating his first Father's Day.  I'll see him tomorrow and get to squeeze the happiest little baby ever, Lia Marlowe. (Sorry, proud Auntie here. Couldn't resist posting a picture of the lil' munchkin.)

      Happy Father's Day to all those Dads out there!

      Wednesday, June 15, 2011


      Denver PrideFest is this weekend! Today I made a relief print and some paintings on paper to celebrate my amazing brother -- gotta love a good rainbow.  I'll be marching in the parade on Sunday.  Look for me!

      Awesome week so far! Had our first dinner party at the new place (DIY spring rolls, veggie stir fry and dark n' stormies!), some pool time with friends, my first trip to the fantastic Liks ice cream shop, and a ton of studio time.  Ahhh, summer. 

      Photo via ME
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