Thursday, June 30, 2011




Today I got to accompany Stuart and his work buds on a trip to the National Wildlife Property Repository here in Denver.  This warehouse keeps over one million awesome items that were either relinquished or ditched by their owners. Cameras weren't allowed in the main storehouse, but the lobby alone had plenty of cool specimens to observe and photograph. For example, that sweet bead covered buck! A giraffe skull! Or how about that last image of an Alexander McQueen Dress worth over $19,000? Guess if you don't properly document your import of caiman, mink, fox fur and some unidentified bird feathers it goes to live in the repository.

It's been an unusual week here, what with feeling yucky for a few days then a couple of day trips. And although I haven't had much studio time, the ideas are still a brewin'. I'm looking forward to a little down time this weekend when (it seems like) all my friends and family are out on adventures! I've got an adventure or two of my own up my sleeve, but mostly want to get all my sewing and painting ideas out of my head! Wish me luck.

Photos via Me (ok, Stu took two of 'em - thanks Stuart!)

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