Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Papercutting! I have always had a thing for paper so you'd think I wouldn't want to shred it to bits... but the practice of working 'negatively', like you often do in printmaking, is something my brain likes to deal with. I think it's high time I try this medium myself and so to get inspired I thought I'd share a few papercuts from some of my favorite artists. Enjoy!

My first papercut love Nikki McClure

Love this straightforward approach by Sandra Juto -- she makes it look like so much fun

One of Mia Pearlman's elaborate installations

New obsession, Elsa Mora -- this is a RING, people! A papercut ring. Ugh!

Such wonderful layers from Elsa Mora

Think I need this book to accompany me on this papercutting adventure. Elsa Mora designed the cover!

I've got quite a bit of not-so-fun-stuff to get done today, so what'd you expect me to do but procrastinate with a little papercutting endeavor? And what do you know... I sliced my finger on the first go.

Thought the blog could use a little blood and guts

Okay, so it's a pretty small scrape, but I'll take this as a sign that I'd better get back to work. Or maybe it just means my sad finger needs a paper ring.

Have a good day!

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