Friday, July 29, 2011



Stuart and I got to exercise our Auntie and Uncle skills this week with little Lia Marlowe. She stayed the night at our house while her Mom and Dad took a much deserved camping trip. She really loved bath (sink) time with Stu. It was so cute to watch them together. And she got showered with love from her "Bonus Aunts" Kelsey and Christine.

Also, Sorry little Lia, I couldn't resist posting you and your shocked face in that first picture... She makes the most hilarious expressions while she's eating. She flexes her little arm muscles and makes all sorts of grunting sounds. It was cracking me up so much that I let out a snort (I know, hot right?) and I think I surprised the heck out of her. Poor baby. I know... that snort catches me off guard every time, too.

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  1. hahaha, my little scarlett has the same giraffe toy. hers is called sophie!


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