Monday, August 1, 2011



This weekend was our last "free" weekend in Colorado this summer. We did it up by visiting some of our favorite places:

>  Dot's Diner in Boulder. Mmm, the biscuits. Also, get the Farmer's Eggs with vegan sausage and try to whoop the other guests in a game of Trivial Pursuit from four decades ago.

>  Hiking in Chautauqua. We did the Saddle Rock trail this time. I love the light on that particular hike. Lots of nice filtered sun through the trees. Seriously always reminds me of Fern Gully. Yeah, I'm cool.

>  Tubing (or swimming, or drinking, OR watching the crazies) at Boulder Creek! This time Stu rescued a Dale's Pale Ale that was taking a float down the rapids. Our reward was cold and hoppy!

Boulder Reservoir for a friend's birthday party. Got to see a lot of lovely faces. Not to mention all of the volleyball, grilling, tequila shots(!?) and midnight skinny dipping in the res!

>  Breakfast at Snooze. Yummy food and verrrry nice staff. We got a complimentary pancake sampler for squeezing 8 people at a booth. Yay for small friends!

>  But you do have to wait a while to get spot. May I recommend a Bart Simpson drawing contest to pass the time? We had to cheat in the end (see far left Bart) because you think you know, but you don't. It was just so bad.

>  A walk at sunset for some delicious ice cream from local favorite, LIKS! Pay a little extra for the waffle cone. It's worth it! You'll know on you're getting close on your walk there because you can smell those cones from blocks away!

>  And of course a little down time with our favorite Trailer Park Boys. New favorite TV show!

Hope everyone had a fun weekend, too!

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