Saturday, August 27, 2011


Well, we made it back to DC just in time to take on Hurricane Irene. What a welcome home, huh? So far we've seen nothing more than a little rain. Still, we spent the morning bringing outdoor plants, furniture and bird feeders inside to prepare for any big gusts of wind we might get. Other than that, we'll be doing unpacking for what looks like forever - ha! It's crazy how much stuff we brought back with us considering we were only living in Denver for the summer. Oh well. Apart from unpacking, we'll definitely be getting in the hurricane party spirit by hunkering down inside with some cards (rummy, of course) and a bottle of wine.  Also, I get to enjoy my beautiful studio once again! It's nice to be back among my "things". This is dorky, but I was so excited to see all of my plants in there - thriving - thanks to some TLC from Stu's mom over the summer.

But the most exciting of all is getting to, finally, sleep in my own bed.

Hope everyone has a safe weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Look at that pristine studio! Stay dry and be safe this weekend! Rummy in bed!


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