Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Yes. Dude, cupcakes. With tiny carrots and berries. YUM!

Lots and lots going on here. Started back at work last week, worked seven days straight, then started my new (and awesome) internship at Pyramid Atlantic today. Love that good kind of busy!

But, back to the cupcakes. Made these little babies to bring into work last week for my first day back. I had a little too much fun frosting them, but when I bake from a box I feel like I have to do a bit of something special. Stu's Mom has this awesome tool for frosting cakes (basically a cupcake gun - yeah so gangsta!) that made the job a piece of cake! And, I was able to employ my handy Martha Stewart cupcake caddy - thanks Mom!


  1. Your cupcakes belong in the Louvre! So badass!

  2. These look AMAZING! You were always so good at cupcake decorating (love the tiny carrots and strawberries)...wish you were here to help with Rob's birthday this week! Glad to hear your liking the internship. Let's try to work that skype thing out ASAP!

  3. Michelle! Thank you! I hope France is treating you awesomely. Maybe you can talk to the folks at the Louvre for me?? Also, please email me your mailing address because I have goodies to send you.

  4. Beanie. You really know me and my cupcake frosting history :) I also need your address to send you goodies. Anybody else want goodies mailed to them? Apparently leaving a comment earns you goodies... Happy early birthday to Rob AND to you. Skyping soon, indeed!


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