Friday, September 2, 2011


Mmm. Breakfast. Hands down my favorite meal of the day. This morning's breakfast looked so pretty I couldn't resist taking some snapshots. It's Friday and I'm ready for an awesome Labor Day weekend.

Some plans include:

>  Going to go to hear jazz in the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden with friends tonight.
>  Making some hot sauce with the backyard-garden-grown peppers.
>  Swimming around in the pool.
>  I may have to make a sensible footwear purchase to help me survive standing all day at work. Hmm...
>  Finally hitting up Eastern Market!
>  And my oldest brother is in town! So who knows what I'll get into with that crazy one around....

Hope yours is a good one.


  1. Aly Aga is the master of a well timed English muffin

  2. Yeah, rock the Danskos! Keep my Anthro memory alive...


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