Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Sorry, couldn't resist the chance to reference Chris Brown... 

So, I guess I haven't shared much about my internship yet. Whoops. Well suffice to say, it's great! Pyramid Atlantic is full of wonderful people with cool ideas, easygoing personalities and hard work ethic! Awesome combo. 

And right now at Pyramid we're dealing with one of my all-time favorite materials - paper! To honor the art, I've chosen one of my favorite prints to share - "Paper Making Deckles My Edges" by Amy Gonzales. Amy is a fantastic book artist, printmaker, designer and all around cool gal. Check out her site and her etsy shop! I picked this print up about a year ago at the Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair, and until now haven't really had the papermaking credibility to be able to hang it up! You'd better believe this bad boy is going up in my studio now that I've successfully produced some of my very own sheets. 

"Look at me now, look at me now..."

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