Saturday, October 1, 2011


Hello, October. My favorite month. I am so excited you are here. I’ve been thinking it’s going to be a good one! So many new things happening right now to be happy about, and now one more – fall. It’s been pretty busy around here, and as much as I might whine that I’m tired, I actually think I’m kind of loving all this non-stop go, go, go. That being said, I do plan to take a little time this month to just enjoy my favorite 31 days of the year. On the agenda:

>  Excursions through the parks to see the leaves turning. The above picture was taken in a park just a few miles from where I live. 
>  Pumpkin carving! Which inevitably leads to pumpkin seed roasting!
>  DIY Halloween costume making. Or maybe I just need to find out how to buy this.
>  A trip to New Orleans to celebrate Ol' Man Stu’s birthday + see some wonderful people + do Voodoo.
>  Getting to know the area around my new place of work + my new staff, who I can already tell are gems.
>  And a huge priority – more art making at Pyramid.

Here’s a little peek at some of the handmade paper we produced. It's hot foil stamped for a mini-birthday-book project I’m working on. Doesn’t it seem like everyone was born right around now? So many birthdays in my life.

Hope your September was good, now on to the best month of the year!

P.S. Totally spaced on my superstitious saying this morning. Guess it’s “tibbar, tibbar” time again tonight.

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  1. I am loving your blog! thanks for being an inspiration! can't wait to talk to you about it

  2. victoria! thanks man :) see you soon!


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