Friday, February 10, 2012


I love my bright red Magma Sketchbook. I received it from my amazing, and very thoughtful, team at work as a bon voyage gift (along with a load of other awesome goodies - handmade jewelry and pillows, homemade baked goods, a marvelous tart, a boppy beach-party-themed mix cd -- yeah, they're the best!) and although I haven't always been a big one to sketch (I have no patience), I'm getting there!

If you're looking for a new sketchbook, this one is pretty great. First of all, there's a handy pocket in the back for tucking away your goodies and bookmarks to keep your place. Second, I love the design of the simple calendar, rulers on the inside cover, and average human proportions on the back cover. Hello, figure drawing! Third, the paper is delicious, pages are numbered, and there's sprinkling of graph paper throughout. Lastly, it just looks nice! And that makes me want to take it around with me. Ok. I kinda snuck in a few more than four points. Can you tell I like it?

In case you're wondering, Singapore is Malay for Singapura, meaning Lion City. Although, I've yet to see any maned cats pawing around town, lions are what the city's founder claims he saw upon arriving here so many years ago. I like it!

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  1. loved this little bit of history, lion city- what an awesome name and glad it inspired you to do some sketching! those guys would make a wonderful wallpaper print!


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