Monday, March 19, 2012


Oh, Pinterest. You're so addicting. And so full of beautiful images and great ideas. Except, I'm kinda mad at you for this new layout. Boo! But after months and months of pinning... I realized that all of those ideas were still just that. I needed to get off the computer, stop making these online lists and start DOING... Which turned out to be pretty painless considering I got to eat two out of the three things I made. 

I started really simple, and made some banana "ice cream". So easy and tasty! I didn't even use a food processor. I just mashed those bad boys up with a fork and added a little soy milk. Ta da! 

Next were yogurt drops. Even simpler than the "ice cream" and super tasty. I added blueberries to mine and decorated a few korean strawberries, too. 

(Note: best if frozen for just 30 minutes, then eaten. Mine were left overnight and got pretty icy!)

The latest endeavor is a little more complicated: granny squares. I'm still working on this one and probably will be for a while! But so far it's been fairly easy to learn and I haven't wanted to poke my eye out with the crochet hook yet. 

Fingers crossed, that one day those circles will turn into squares.

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