Monday, March 5, 2012


Monday has been grey and rainy and has left me inside nursing a cold. Or allergies. Or just something really annoying happening in my face/head. But Saturday and Sunday were beautiful! We saw The Artist, finally. Good flick! Made me want to wear itty-bitty hats and tap dance... We also did a lot of reading by the pool and went on a long walk in the sunshine. It was such a nice weekend to be outdoors and stumble upon some new stuff. And some not-so-new-but-often-unnoticed things as well. Hello, industrious ants, fashionable spider!

This is the closest I've voluntarily been to a spider since I was probably about six (used to let daddy long legs crawl up my arms - eek!) but he and the ants were both really captivating and looked like good guys to me. It was nice to spend time admiring these tiny things.

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