Monday, January 23, 2012


After a hiatus in posting, I'm back.

Thought I should keep friends and family in the loop on my life since I'm so far from home. And, man, one blog post is so much easier to get out than a heap of emails. So, here we go! But this time, from Singapore. Yep, Singapore! The Lion City. Stuart and I moved here one month ago. He'll be finishing up his law degree (yahoo!) and in the meantime I'll get to work on some art and we'll both explore, travel and enjoy some time just living. I feel pretty stinkin lucky.

So, without further ado, a little something to read on your Monday morning.

I already had my Monday morning and it was lovely! It's Chinese New Year, which is a big ole deal here. Shops close, families gather together and everyone has the day off (some even get to take the whole week! C'mon America... Hint, wink, nudge). Last night we headed over to The Float at Marina Bay for some New Year's Eve festivities.  Food, dancing, costumes, so many lanterns, a carnival and a load of rain. Right at midnight! The nerve! But, a little rain couldn't keep Singapore from setting off an intense fireworks show. It was pretty great to see in the midst of a downpour. Afterward we took our rain-soaked-selves over to a 24-hour Indian food place and had some delicious masala dosai. Yummm.

Today, we spent our morning much like the other expats here: swimming and reading by the pool... Workin on mah tan... You know, tough stuff. Don't visit, you'll have a terrible time. ;) But with everything closed, we were forced to be pretty lazy. I'll take it! We rounded out the day with a trip to deserted Chinatown where we found the rest of the expats and had a little Thai food for dinner.

So, that's what I've been up to. Mostly eating. No, seriously. That's what the local pastime is here, kid you not. Eating and shopping. And lord knows I can't go on any shopping sprees... Girl quit her job to travel the SE Asian seas!

Since it's after midnight here and the food coma is trying to drag me down, I'll leave you with a few pictures and say, Gong Xi Fa Choi, to you! Happy Chinese New Year!


  1. The pictures are incredible and I'm incredibly jealous! Nothing better than traveling the world with your boo.

    xo Victoria

  2. Yay! You're back to blogging! Great pictures, I especially love the first one and the blurry firework one (and of course the one of you and stu!). I think your hair is really taking to the humid, wet weather-look at those waves! miss ya and can't wait to hear about all your travel adventures! x. bean

  3. Thanks, Victoria! And I agree... Money is best spent on good food (wine counts) and travel. Hope life in DC is good! Give all the ladies my love.

  4. Haha, Bean! We were soaked! And go figure we got drenched on one of the rare occasions I actually had tried out something different with my hair. Miss you, friend!


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