Saturday, August 27, 2011


Well, we made it back to DC just in time to take on Hurricane Irene. What a welcome home, huh? So far we've seen nothing more than a little rain. Still, we spent the morning bringing outdoor plants, furniture and bird feeders inside to prepare for any big gusts of wind we might get. Other than that, we'll be doing unpacking for what looks like forever - ha! It's crazy how much stuff we brought back with us considering we were only living in Denver for the summer. Oh well. Apart from unpacking, we'll definitely be getting in the hurricane party spirit by hunkering down inside with some cards (rummy, of course) and a bottle of wine.  Also, I get to enjoy my beautiful studio once again! It's nice to be back among my "things". This is dorky, but I was so excited to see all of my plants in there - thriving - thanks to some TLC from Stu's mom over the summer.

But the most exciting of all is getting to, finally, sleep in my own bed.

Hope everyone has a safe weekend!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Well, my posts were fewer and further between than I expected while we traveled in the northwest.  Too much to do to be on a computer... it was kind of nice! We made it home only to pack up, pawn some miscellaneous items off onto our awesome friends and say our goodbyes! We'll miss you Colorado... but DC, here we come!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Seattle was full of plaid, plants, good food, great people, SUNSHINE! ... an awesome candy drawer and one incredible mask.

Only a few days left of traveling in the Northwest. I'm going to miss it.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Vancouver was so great. It was really awesome to get to see the ocean -- it's been too long. We had some low key fun on bikes, walks, swims, bowling, and of course we found some awesome places to eat. If you go, check out these places!

>  Rangoli for amazing Indian food. Awesome veggie selections, amazing and creative flavors and they sell take home versions of a lot of their recipes right there.

>  Cafe Deux Soleils is on the popular Commercial Drive and features an all vegetarian menu. We went there twice we liked it so much. They have a small stage for munchkins to play on during the day and for live performances at night.

>  Take Home Thai is another place on Commercial, just down the road from Cafe Deux Soleils. Loved the hilarious owner and enjoyed a hot meal there after a very cold swim at Second Beach. They'll alter any recipe to make it veggie friendly, although most dishes already are. I'm not a tofu lover, but this place did it right.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for Seattle photos soon!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Tim and Molly's wedding went off with out a hitch! And so did the photobooth! It was so good to see old friends, as well as some new ones. What a great couple and a fun weekend.

We packed up our house yesterday (phew! Glad that's over.) and today we took off for Vancouver, Seattle, Portland and Bend for two weeks worth of the Northwest -- so excited! Posts may be few and far between, but know I'll be taking tons of pics to share.

Off to explore Vancouver, now. Au revoir!

Friday, August 5, 2011


Lots of old friends are in town for our buds Molly & Tim's wedding! Can't wait to hang out with everyone. 

Here's an old "suicide print" that makes me happy. 'Tiny Eye Parade'.

Enjoy your weekend!


I made this little farewell to the mountains today. 5 more days of you, Colorado!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


So simple. So delightful. Illustrations by Ping Zhu. Symmetry is lookin' good right now.

Monday, August 1, 2011



This weekend was our last "free" weekend in Colorado this summer. We did it up by visiting some of our favorite places:

>  Dot's Diner in Boulder. Mmm, the biscuits. Also, get the Farmer's Eggs with vegan sausage and try to whoop the other guests in a game of Trivial Pursuit from four decades ago.

>  Hiking in Chautauqua. We did the Saddle Rock trail this time. I love the light on that particular hike. Lots of nice filtered sun through the trees. Seriously always reminds me of Fern Gully. Yeah, I'm cool.

>  Tubing (or swimming, or drinking, OR watching the crazies) at Boulder Creek! This time Stu rescued a Dale's Pale Ale that was taking a float down the rapids. Our reward was cold and hoppy!

Boulder Reservoir for a friend's birthday party. Got to see a lot of lovely faces. Not to mention all of the volleyball, grilling, tequila shots(!?) and midnight skinny dipping in the res!

>  Breakfast at Snooze. Yummy food and verrrry nice staff. We got a complimentary pancake sampler for squeezing 8 people at a booth. Yay for small friends!

>  But you do have to wait a while to get spot. May I recommend a Bart Simpson drawing contest to pass the time? We had to cheat in the end (see far left Bart) because you think you know, but you don't. It was just so bad.

>  A walk at sunset for some delicious ice cream from local favorite, LIKS! Pay a little extra for the waffle cone. It's worth it! You'll know on you're getting close on your walk there because you can smell those cones from blocks away!

>  And of course a little down time with our favorite Trailer Park Boys. New favorite TV show!

Hope everyone had a fun weekend, too!
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