Monday, March 26, 2012


I haven't felt inspired these past few days. With the exception of my new addiction, Draw Something, I haven't done anything very "arty" in almost a week. I think I just have a lot on my mind trying to get set up for life after Singapore. Finding a job and an apartment on Craigslist is exhausting. So, no painting this weekend. That's okay. I did other stuff!

We saw The Hunger Games on opening night. Which was disappointing. I don't know why I went into it with high hopes. Duh. The book is always better. But disappointment or not, I always love going to the movies, and in Singapore it's a real treat. You can pick salty or sweet popcorn (easy, salty!), Toblerone trumps Snickers, and you order your tickets ahead of time, picking out your seat from a map - just like when you buy a plane ticket! (Except in this case I don't prefer the aisle...) Why this excites me, I don't know. The thrill of trying to "beat" others to virtually nab the best seat in the house, maybe? In some theaters there is an option for "couples seating"! Bow chicka bow wow. Heyyy, grimey movie theater love seat. Unfortunately, the Hunger Games just had "common" seats, which was a bummer. Totally would have been a better use of my time to fool around in the dark theater than to watch the book be defiled on screen. Jokes.

Saturday night we had the pleasure of eating at Heart of House for the second time. And by eat, I mean drink delicious beer. Thank God for Heart of House. I ran across it online during a desperate search for a bar selling more variety than Tiger, Singha and Heineken. And I totally hit the jackpot with this place. Beer aplenty from all over the world. And so what did I order, you ask? Why, a beer brewed right here in Singapore! Ha! Jungle Beer Kiasu Stout. I was skeptical, but turns out it was really one of the better stouts I've had! Funny, too, because I had just learned the meaning of the word kiasu that morning. Weird how that happens, you learn a new word, suddenly it's everywhere... And now I know how to define the ridiculousness of those barging their way past me to get on the escalator/through the door/on the MRT/you name it.

I rounded the weekend out with a trip to MacRitchie Reservoir. It was hot and sticky, but I was just happy to take a break from the city (and Craigslist, that beast) and hang out by the water watching monkeys, turtles, water monitors (holy crap, I saw one that was like 6 feet long), and dragonflies. It's a beautiful place. And since it's just a short bus ride from us, (and because Stu was super jealous I saw the water monitor AND monkeys doin' it and he didn't) I took him down this evening to see it and hang out for the sunset. Thankfully, that hoss of a water monitor was out on display again! Stu's a happy boy.

Sorry no water monitor pics. He's too good to watch to want to take photos...

Looking forward to a new week!

And getting pumped for my trip to Ho Chi Minh City which is only a few days away now. Yipee!


  1. Thanks for the Jungle Beer mention! Im one of the owners and I currently live in DC as well. We just took home four medals at the Asia Beer Awards during Beerfest Asia last week, our first competition!

    1. Really!? Wow what a small world. The kiasu stout was delicious! I'll miss it now that I'm back in the states. Good luck to you guys and congrats on your awards!!!


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